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2016 - A new year and a new start

As we start a new year I will be putting my efforts full time into the business. Previously I was doing a lot of my photo shoots on weekends and on special reserved days. I had to do this since I was working another job in order to make money to invest into the business. Now that I have acquired a lot of what I need such as new lenses, backdrops, props and other things necessary for the photo shoot I am ready to hit the ground running.

This does multiple things for the business. First off I can now do photo shoots more often instead of just weekends. I also have more time to devote to editing photos, getting prints and shipping off product. I have been doing a lot of experiments with different material as well so I have more to offer as far as finished product.

We have also put more time back into the website doing a full renovation on it and upgrading it to add a lot more features. You can now share photos directly to Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Google + so please help us out by sharing our work on social media. Some of the other changes made to the site allows me to give our customers the option to proof the photos via website and let me know which photos they would like as their finished product. This is often the case when you have multiple photos of the same pose. Now you can tell me which one is your favorite and which one you want prints on. The new site also allows you to order prints directly on the website. You pick the photo you want and can order the multiple sizes of prints. Currently I just have some of the basic prints listed but soon we will be adding additional options such as canvas prints and more. You can still get those by contacting me and letting me know either email, Facebook or phone.

Keep looking here for more information as it comes. I plan on blogging regularly this year as well to keep everyone informed what is coming up.

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